Giant Bicycles logo

Giant Bicycles

Giant is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and offers numerous types of bikes for various needs.​


Felt Bicycles

A California-based producer of innovative, high performance bikes with a strong racing pedigree. ​

Cervelo Bicycles logo

Cervelo Racing Bikes

Maker of racing and track cycles. Founded by engineers, Cervelo is a combination of the Italian word for brain and the French word for bicycle.

Lynskey Custom Cycles logo

Lynskey Custom Bicycles

Specialized in making light, durable bikes with exclusively titanium frames. Their exclusive Helix tubing technique gives their bikes great strength.

Thule Carriers logo

Thule Carriers

Swedish makers of many transportation products, including bike racks for vehicles and various types of seats and attachments for cycles.

Yakima Products logo

Yakima Products

Started in Yakima, Washington, they are providers of car and truck mounts for all types of outdoor vehicles, including bikes.

Tifosi Optics logo

Tifosi Optics

A dedicated producer of sunglasses and specialty optics for sports and outdoor activities. It has become the #1 selling brand for running and cycling enthusiasts.

Sugoi Performance Apparel logo

Sugoi Performance Apparel

Sports and training garments are their specialty. You can find reflective gear, raincoats, and thermal clothing for every season.

Shebeest Cycling Apparel logo

Shebeest Cycling Apparel

Developed by women riders for women riders. Tailored to meet the rigors of the trail without sacrificing feminine style.


Mavic Cycling Gear and Apparel

French producer of high quality wheels and parts for bicycles. They are also a sponsor of the Tour de France and provide bike maintenance to all riders during the event.

Zipp Bike Parts logo

Zipp Bike Parts and Accessories

Manufacturer and distributor of many kinds of bicycle parts with a focus on innovation. Most known for their carbon composite wheels.